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The best part about publishing my novels has been the opportunity to talk to people who love books as much as I do! I remain eternally grateful to the 150-plus booksellers, teachers, librarians, and book group leaders who believed in my novel enough to invite me into their community, gather a crowd, prepare lists of questions, clean their houses, and put out delicious spreads (sometimes consisting of food items featured in the book).




I heart book clubs,

which I had the opportunity to express in this essay for The San Francisco Book Review. I speak widely around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and have Zoomed with groups in Alabama, Florida, Minnesota, and elsewhere.

Readers have dug deep into my novels, often holding the novel’s flawed characters up as mirrors to examine their own imperfect relationships. I suspect we’ll have plenty to talk about with Swimming with Ghosts.

I’d love to visit your community, classroom, or book group. Please contact me directly at

Here’s what some of my gracious hosts had to say . . .

Jean Graubart

“I’ve been leading book groups since the 80’s and look for books that touch the souls of the members.  Brafman’s Washing the Dead  . . . reached into every single woman’s heart  . . . and opened us readers up to the important people in our own stories.”

BIG thanks to every single kind soul who has invited me for a book talk! 

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