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Story Coaxer.

Mining the stories that make us who we are.

SWIMMING WITH GHOSTS. Paperback coming out on May 28, 2024! 

"I really enjoyed Swimming with Ghosts, for the excellent characters, unusual plot inside the world of local competitive swimming, the fine writing, and the frequent insights and humor. I raced right through it.“

- Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird

"Lurking beneath the seemingly mundane surface of swim clubs and pasta parties and petty squabbles are dark secrets . . . In this page-turner of a tale, Michelle Brafman leads the reader into the deeper waters of deception, loss, and self-destructive obsession. This is a story that creeps up on you and then holds fast.  It will stay with me for a long time to come."

-Mary Morris, author of Gateway to the Moon

Turner Publishing/Keylight Books



Michelle is a writer and teacher. Her debut novel, Washing the Dead, was included in Book Riot’s list of 100 must-read books about women and religion. Her second book, Bertrand Court, features stories that have won numerous awards including a Special Mention in the Pushcart Prize Anthology.


Michelle's essays have appeared in Oprah Daily, O Quarterly, Slate, LitHub, The Forward, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Tablet, and elsewhere.


She teaches fiction writing at the Johns Hopkins MA in Writing program and also founded the Glen Echo Workshops where she leads monthly multi-genre workshops and teaches summer college essay writing classes.

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